Dewalt DXFRS300 Review


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The DeWalt DXFRS300 is an excellent choice if you need a cheap, portable business radio that doesn’t need for any special license or equipment to operate. Conveniently sold in cases of six, this business radio is both straightforward and feature-rich. It’s cheap if you’re on a tight budget and need a radio that won’t cost you anything to set up or maintain. Businesses like restaurants, stores, the front desk of a hotel, and supermarkets may benefit the most from its utilization.

Knowing that it bore the DeWalt brand, I wondered how well this radio would perform in comparison to others from competing companies. Read on to learn about the features, specifications, battery life, range, frequencies, and cost of the DeWalt DFRS300.

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Specs: Dewalt DXFRS300 Review

Dewalt DXFRS300

  • Brand: DeWalt
  • Range: Up to a quarter of a million square feet
  • Power output: One watt of power is delivered.
  • Frequency ranges: The range of frequencies is from 462-467 MHz (FRS)
  • Battery: A rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAH
  • Size: 6.22 x 2.37 x 2.15 inches
  • Weight: 0.66 lb (without batteries)Waterproof: yes (IP67)
  • License needed: no

Dewalt DXFRS300 Pros & Cons

Features: Dewalt DXFRS300 Review

Intent of Supply

The antennae-equipped radio also has a belt clip and a hand strap for portability. It fits well in my hand and was simple to transport. This two-way radio may be used hands-free with surveillance earbuds, speakers, and microphones. They advise cutting down on how often you listen to music or audiobooks at maximum volume. However, microphones are not included with this set. For your convenience, we’ve included a user’s handbook.


The DeWalt DXFRS300 meets the requirements of the IP67 standard, which certifies that it is dustproof and waterproof. This provides protection against water splatters and sprays coming from any direction. I dropped it from a distance of two meters in order to test whether or not it still functions, and it lived up to its claim. The component is also able to endure being submerged in water that is one meter deep for a period of half an hour.


A rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery providing 1,000 mAH powers each walkie-talkie. As the name implies, battery chargers are used to recharge the batteries. The radio may be charged by plugging the charging cord into the left-side jack. Under typical settings, a single battery charge will last anywhere from 12-18 hours.


This rugged walkie-talkie is available in a 6-pack with a gang charger. This long-lasting walkie-talkie doesn’t have a wire and has simple controls. The fact that I had no trouble figuring out how to use it for the first time is evidence of this. Once you’re ready to use it, turn it on by pressing the big knob. To initiate communication, just use the radio’s front-mounted push-to-talk button. The radio makes a chirping noise and has an on-screen display that indicates the active channel and functions.


With its 2,662 possible channel configurations, it provides crystal-clear long-distance transmissions. Although up to 250,000 feet is possible, that number might shift significantly depending on weather and topography. Reportedly, it can pick up signals up to three miles away in dense woodlands with obstacles like trees and hills. I put the radios through their paces in a project site mechanical room full of equipment, concrete, and steel, and we were able to have a crystal-clear conversation with our crew.


There are total preprogrammed channels available on the device. The channels have 121 predetermined privacy codes to reduce the likelihood of eavesdropping. It includes 83 Distress Codes and 38 Critical Telecommunicator Safety Codes. It uses 22 different FRS channels to communicate. There is no requirement for a license or monthly service costs since UHF/FM frequency bands are utilised. This implies there are no costs associated with using high-quality band frequencies.


The selling price of the 6-pack of walkie-talkies is $299.99, or $49.99 per device. If you’re looking for anything, this is about what you’d expect to pay in the middle range. It has the reliability and longevity expected from a product with the DeWalt name, which is a guarantee of quality. This two-way radio is an excellent value for the money. It’s a great buy for the money because of all the useful features and sturdy construction.



Every feature you may want in a set of walkie-talkies for use in a small company is included. It’s a two-way radio with a large range that can be charged and is resistant to water and shock. This walkie-talkie is well worth the price if your company is trying to save money by not purchasing licenses. For businesses with a single location or that use independent contractors, this is an easy and effective option. The group charger is included with the purchase of the six-pack of walkie-talkies. When compared to competitors, the DeWalt DXFRS300 stands head and shoulders above the rest because to its comprehensive set of functions, reasonable price, exceptional durability, and cutting-edge design.

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